meeA Little Bit of History

I discovered my passion for drawing when I was 12 while spending hours doing doodles as nail art. I started taking Graphic Art classes at a local school and that helped me decide what was the path I wanted to follow. I moved to Bucharest when I was 16 and I landed my first job as an Illustrator for Playboy, where I got to experiment a lot because every month I illustrated fragments from various novels written by different authors and I tried to come up with styles I thought fitted them best.  You can see some of the first illustrations I did for them here.



My varied studies helped me develop my skills. I have 2 bachelor degrees: one in Graphic Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano, which I finished cum laude, and one in Communication and PR. I also attended the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes Lions and The Alternative School for Creative Thinking. I also went to the international school of Photography at Schwabenakademie and took a semester of Movie Editing at the National University of Theatre and Film.



I don’t just do illustrations. I am also a Graphic Designer and I specialize in UI and webdesign and I love that as much as I do drawing. Sometimes I get to combine my skills in infographics. I also have a side project dedicated to my ink sketches. You can check it out at inkspective.com


When I’m not Drawing

I like trying out new things and that is why I travel – I also take pictures of the places I visit. I climb 4000m  mountains, via ferrata’s, go jungle trekking and scuba diving. When I am at home, in Bucharest, I just go skating. I read science fiction, cook Thai food and I play the piano – my three cats love my music. During the weekends you will always find me at some techno party, right in front of  the speaker.